Thursday, March 8, 2012

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Okay, so its no secret, when I love a book, well I LOVE THAT BOOK! I practically obsess over that book (wait, not practically, I DO obsess).

Anyhow, I've spent last night thinking about books, and how there are times that I really try to read a 'good' book, you know one that may uplift me, or enlighten me. (aka church related or self esteem types) in fact I just got the 'Divine Center' by good old Covey a couple of weeks ago, you know Ive met him many times, I really like him, Im sure the book was great, I even renewed the book, but I just couldnt read it! I tried I swear I tried, I just couldnt do it!


Because when I read, I want to be transported, I want to imagine and enjoy and NOT THINK! Serious, I 'think' too dang much! So if I'm reading I want to enjoy it! A book to me is like a treat I give to myself, and when I find books I love, well I read them over and over and over again.

So, I heard about this book quite a while back, (it came out early summer last year), I bookmarked it, I even checked out her personal blog, she liked many of the books I liked. I got the idea that this was a dystopian novel, and boy oh boy are those popular right now, which is fine and dandy-o with me, because those are my FAVORITES! (with the exception of 'hiking-adventure true life' novels aka. "Into thin Air", "72 hours", "Into the Wild" type stuff).

I reserved the book at the library MONTHS ago, I wasn't quite willing to go and buy the hardbound book as I knew noone who has read it, well the book came in on Tuesday, I picked it up that afternoon, and was surprised that it was a larger book, like 500 pages. Less then 24 hours later, i had it read, and I'm really trying to restrain myself from not reading it again today. I think I'm going to go and get the paperback because it just came out 2 weeks ago!

I just love to LOVE a book. This one follows suit very well with Enders Game and The Hunger Games type of themes. It will be a trilogy and the next one comes out in May. All everyone who reads this blog needs to do is to quickly (which will be easy) read the book so we can talk about it! :-)

Oh yeah and tell me which group you would join.....I can tell you I don't think I'm brave enough to be 'Dauntless!'

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Just Rhonda said...

hmmm I'll have to check it out! I am JUST finally reading the hunger games :)