Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Parlee's new hair

Parlee is "So Pretty" as she puts it....and of course we agree, Im mean come on thats a pretty happy face if I do say so myself!

On Saturday my mom, Marg and the boys spent the day at my house, in the evening Parlee came waltzing out to the front room, smoothing back her locks with her hand saying "Parlee's pretty" she had a smile about as wide as the grand canyon. It seems as though our little beautitian had some fun with the safety scissors in her room.

Marg and i cut another 4 inched off the back and cut the rest of her bangs into little pixie bangs and all in all I figure no harm done, it was bound to happen eventually. Shes on day three of her new hair and she still loves it, in fact yesterday I found her in the bathroom carefully slicking her locks back with lotion and on Sunday I found her styling her hair with the shampoo and body wash!....never a dull moment!

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Jenny B said...

Love it! Somehow we have lucked out in the hair cutting dept. Id say its because i have all boys....but i know thats not it. I have had friends that have had to buzz thier boys hair after a little scissor fun.