Monday, June 6, 2011

a pictureless update

My camera is still not loading pictures onto my computer! Really frustrating...okay so I havent taken it in to get looked at, I just keep hoping it will magically start working...not working so far, I guess I need to take a different approach :-)

So Im doing a what we have been up to without pictures and maybe cooler posts will come later thing :-)

May 5-9: The first week of May brought a very surprising a last minute trip to Disneyland. It started like this, Monday night the kids were in bed and I told Joel that Kyler loves to tell me stories of when we went to Disneyland, only he really has never been there. Last time we went he stayed at my friends house. Tuesday morning, I was watching Playhouse Disney with Kyler and Parlee, Kyler tells me another story of when he went to Disneyland, I laughed and sent Joel a text telling him. Next thing I know Joel calls me up and says "Well then lets go" just like that. We knew we had to go in May as I am getting way to pregnant, so I looked at my planner and realized the ONLY weekend I could go was that weekend. I called some hotels, found one suite available that could accomadate our large family and booked it. Quickly made a banner (which is cute, darn pictures not loading) to surprise the other kids with when they got home from school, and a day a half later we were in Disneyland! Hows that for fast. We left bright and early Thursday and came home Monday. It was wonderful, fun, and oh so tiring for this big momma! Yes we spent mothers day at the Magic Kingdom!

May 13-14: Fathers and Sons campout. Always a fun time in our house! I love Father and Sons! I however did not feel up to doing anything grand with Joely and Parlee, but then a friend in the ward called us and we went out to eat and watched a movie with them...turned out to be a blast!

May 20-21: 4th and 5th year girls camp hike.

All of May: Various school performances and fun stuff. I have to say I LOVE being back at Red Mountain Elementary!

May 25: Last day of school and Joelys elementary graduation

May 25th-June 2nd: Right afters school go out, I loaded the kids up and we headed to Bryce Canyon for my cousin Chelsea's graduation (only 18 kids in her graduating class!!!). We drove over Cedar Mountain, which was still covered in snow, even though it was dirty snow and the kids were wearing shorts and sandals, we had to stop and run around in it. Spent a few days relaxing in Bryce, and relax we did! Then I packed the kids up again and we headed to SLC, where Joel was working. My uncle gave me directions for a VERY back route to SLC, so we could enjoy some scenery. It was fun. I love that there are so many places in my own state that I have never seen. I was glad I didnt break down though, because by back route road, I mean their was no cell phone service and the only towns we drove through Im sure had populations of less the 100 people. We ended up in SLC and stayed with Joels sister Juli. She lives in an OLD OLD OLD house in Draper. It was fantastic! The yard was like a forest, you'd never have guessed we were in a city. In fact their were so many trees, that they cant get internet and my cell phone wasnt receiving half of the calls! We were supposed to leave Monday or Tuesday morning to come home, but it was just so nice to be away that we stayed longer. In fact Id probably still be there, but I started to feel guilty that I was there and girls camp is so soon, so I came home to help wrap up girls camp preparations.

As for pregnancy: Im fat, Im tired, and I cant wait to be done....I think that sums that up :-) But I do think that feeling a baby kick from inside of you has got to be the coolest feeling ever! Crappy thing is, Ive always had a goal to weigh less then Joel even when Im pregnant, first 4 kids that worked...bummer thing is it didnt work this time! I've passed him up and I still have a month to go! Im not looking forward to getting this baby weight off, I think its going to be a lot harder!

So as usual, we are here and there and everywhere and enjoying the journey too!

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Just Rhonda said...

I hate gaining weight during pregnancy so I weigh more than REG!!!! I think it'll be harder this time too!