Monday, June 6, 2011

house stuff

I cant believe I never documented all the house stuff we did a few months ago (Okay so we still are slowly working on some stuff)

But we did all new carpet and flooring throughout the whole house, which of course, due to water leaks made us have to replace a lot of the sub floor (so glad I dont do that stuff) Of course Parlee and Kyler were wanting to help with everything.

We also repainted the whole house...okay so this is where we are slacking, what is it about loosing momentum and not finishing a project. We joked that all the painting needed to be done before the baby came, which seemed far away, and now Im seriously wondering if we will make our deadline.

Joel also added baseboards throughout our house (we didnt have them before)

I must say, I am still so happy with all the changes! There is always more to be done, but Im happy with what has already been done!

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