Thursday, June 30, 2011

big belly

Just a few of the pictures that Amber took of me the other night.

Some thoughts from that night:

1. I miss my callouses on my feet, the other day I had a pedicure with two of my friends, all my yucky looking callouses were removed. While taking these pictures I was walking around bare foot most of the time and I realized that I quite miss those callouses!

2.Im a wimp! By the end of taking pictures I was so tired! I actually had to sit down after almost each picture once Joel got there.

3. I have no creative eye for pictures! I was amazed at things Amber would say or do, and thought to myself I'd never have thought of that.

4. I think photo editing is so cool! The picture of my laying down with my eyes closed...well I really like that picture and I think its super cool that my sleeve is FAKE! serious when I went to put my arm above my head my sleeve was showing my garments and of course my ever so cute arm pits, and Amber told me not to worry about it. Sure enough when the pictures came back I miraculously had a sleeve that looked a little longer...I consider that up their with magic :-)


Jenny B said...

You look DARLING :) Dont blame ya on keeping the names secret. Thats how i felt after we picked the name Kash. I was sooo sick of people telling me they didnt like it and why did we pick a cowboy name...anyways im SO excited for ya :)

Carrie said...

You are beautiful!! I miss you and can't wait to see your new babe. :)

Just Rhonda said...

You look so CUTE!!!!!! Great shots of you!!