Tuesday, March 2, 2010

so "HE" says....

Kyler says the darndest things sometimes. Here are some of the things I have heard just this week

When I made dinner the other night he responded "Oh that's yucky for me, it has bugs in it"

.....it wasnt that bad.

When I told him his middle name was named after his grandpa Foremaster, he said "Oh I really love him"

When we took Parlee to get her shots today, Taran was feeling sad for Parlee, but Kyler just got defensive and responded "Let's kill him"

....hmmm, wondering what the nurse was thinking then.

This reminds me the last time I took Parlee in to get shots and I had Kyler with me, he was NOT happy that someone was being mean to his sister, he told the nurse "You not hurt my sister" then when we left the room to go to the front desk to pay he took one more last ditch effort and ran back into the room where the nurse still was cleaning up and threated once again "You NOT hurt my sister"

I am guessing to sum things up, I make gross food (with bugs none the less), Kyler loves his grandpa (so good middle name choice, though he was surprised that his first name wasnt 'grandpa'). And what ever you do DONT mess with this boys sister, he may just KILL you!