Friday, February 26, 2010

Shower Curtain

Here is the entry you will see on Monday for the theme "for him" Yep I used Kyler, I know you aren't supposed to use your kids, but I am getting tired of working hard at being secretive, when Kyler isn't even on my other blog so I figured WHO CARES!!!! hey he's partially hidden by that awesome eye patch ;-) At the end I added some other pictures that weren't used. Today when we took the pictures I realized I needed some new curtain hanger things, I went to Target and got these great hooks with fish on them....Can I just say I LOVE TARGET! I decided not to push it with a picture of both my boys. But my kids are sad that other kids get to be in the pictures and never them, so here's Kyler's chance to a bubbly clean kind of shine ;-)

Arrr Matey!

Calling all Captians! Get ready to set sail on the 'bubbly' sea. bring your floaty toys and your wash cloth!

Let the adventure begin for the little boys in your life with this Appliqued shower curtain and towels.

Your little captains will take adventure to the high seas every time they take a bath.

So when it's time to 'swab the decks' they may just listen!

other pictures


Jenny Bracken said...

So cute.....

Adam and Robyn said...

Oh my heck, is there anything you can't do? Pretty soon we are going to see Pea Pod creations at Target! I LOVE it!!!!! I'll take one please;)

The Vaughns said...

So cute!!! :)

Lori said...

Wow! I just love it! Such a cute idea! Congrats on killing the competition with your gidget dress! Kyler looks so cute with his pirate patch.

Ryan and Jen said...

Love it! You are definitely crafty :)