Friday, March 5, 2010

bunkbed clubhouse

....a craft kids can help make? Boy oh boy did my kids have some grand ideas. I let them take the reins and they ran with it! They loved the felt clubhouses that people make to go over their card tables.... however, I didn't want a card table set up in the house all the time. So we made a compromise.

And the bunk bed club house was born

Enter through the 'hole' in the tree, which is made to be level with the bottom bunk.

Complete with a tree that has velcro for apples or flowers....(and for future banana's and letter's like the chicka chicka boom boom tree)

There is also a garden with pockets to hold carrots, beets and turnips.

Store your harvest from the garden or tree in the basket....or maybe you'll want to put flowers in the basket instead. (the basket is open to hold all sorts of goodies)

Holy Moly! I cant believe we got this done, we started in on TUESDAY!!! It's so AWESOME though! So next time anyone comes to my house with there kiddo's we may have something fun to do ;-) Seriously I do not recommend anyone make one of these in 4 days! However the plus side was that my house was only completely diasterous for 4 days ;-) And Kyler was so ready for it to be done, so 4 days was great for him! ;-) Let em just say if I get voted off next week, I may just cry! This project was way to involved to be voted off!!!!


Jenny Bracken said...

OK little missy....can i just say i think your AMAZING!!!!!!There is NO WAY youll be voted off. I might need to come take a closer look so i can get busy. I LOVE it :)

The Vaughns said...

OK - that is seriously amazing, Kristin!!! Your kids are going to want to play there all the time! I agree, there is no way you'll be voted off. It looks like another winner to me. :) So so so cute!

amber said...

Wow! How fun for the kids!

Kristin said...

Thanks you guys....Jenny if you want to make one, it really is easy, just time consuming!!!!

Lori said...

Wow!! Good job once again! I love this! I love ALL your creations!