Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I know I love to talk...but do i love to give talks? I dont know but I sure have been doing a lot of them lately. I just finished the New Beginnings for the YW in the Ivins 1st ward (not my ward). I had a talk all written out for it, yet just couldnt get the confirmation that it was right....then today a few hours before YW's I called Jennifer (YW president in that ward) and said that I just didnt feel like the talk I was assigned was the talk I was supposed to give....not that I really had an alternative either mind you. But I went there and I think i gave the talk I was supposed to give...did that make sense? Anyhow I think it turned out great and I hope the girls got something out of it too!....I wish I would have got a picture of the hand out's I gave the young women. I made them each a singed flower hairbow, it was placed on a stick with the scripture of the new theme. They turned out really cute I thought.

Here are some pictures of my room from the talks I gave on Saturday. I thought the room turned out great. My SIL Farah made these awesome signs for me, and I made a periodic table of family home evening talk was on family home evenings....for those of you who hang around me enough, you know I always need a theme. So I made my own theme up for this talk, it was based on a lab. Complete wiht the periodic table, warning signs and another sign on the door that said Professor Stout FHE lab. I had beakers with food coloring and dry ice in them (I thought those were really cute)...I even wore a labcoat, blue dish gloves and safety glasses. I thought the room turned out great. i was however speaking the same time as Hyrum Smith, a doctor, a child phycologist and other great speakers so it was a little nerve racking...but at least it's done with!


Lori said...

So bummed that I missed your FHE lesson. I was super excited for it all week. If you weren't so good at talks they probably would leave you alone. :) Love the awards from the pine wood, and super cute treats!

Kenz said...

You did such a great job! Also, thanks so much for your talk at New Beginnings too. I loved every minute of it, and the handout was great too. Just got done voting for your way cute craft! I want one really bad!

Farah said...

So glad I got to see pictures of the lab!! I was happy to help with the signs :)