Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It's Derby time

Pine wood derby that is...

I love the pine wood derby and last night we had our ward pine wood derby. We had a wonderful turn out. I didnt get any real race pictures, but the one of Taran and Kyler. The boys loved watching the derby, I hope Taran was getting some tips on how to make his future race car...."The wasp" was the fastest car their, but all the cars looked great. We even had some ferari's.

The awards were about as great as the race.

The one with the rear view mirrors was for 'best looking'..cute

and there was the 'tire' for 'burning rubber'...can you imagine having to bring that huge tire home, because Im sure my boys would insist it went in their room!

There were some pretty funny awards, and every boy 'won' something. I sure with all the parts from the awards the boys could actually build a real car!

Oh yeah and here was my new councilors husband made fun of me for taking a picture...he'll learn. I take pictures of everything, including my twinkie derby cars!

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