Thursday, January 21, 2010


I hate's really hard for me to get used to things when they get changed around....and changes have been happening around here. A couple weeks ago I got a call from the bishop asking if I was sitting down. (Nope, I wasnt I was stuck on my wall phone) The Bishop informed me that my 2nd councilor Lori Borrowman would be going into a new Relief Society presidency. It's so sad loosing a member of the primary presidency...and trust me I have lost A LOT! I do find it funny that this is the third person I have lost to a presidency....Jennifer Anderson to the 1st ward Young Womens president. Robyn Peterson to our YW President an now Lori to the RS. The final Sunday in primary with Lori was a difficult one, we sat in the back and cried like a bunch of babies. Lori I am going to miss working with you!

I do have a new councilor though, and I am getting very excited to get to know her, it's Bethany Scott....which makes me laugh that now the 3 other people in my presidency are all in the ward choir and great singers, and then there is me ;-)

Well, here is to change and trying to love that which is hard for me.


Adam and Robyn said...

You are the Soul Survivor!!

Lori said...

Ok, how sweet are you. I miss you tons too, and still trying to adjust to the older gals. Super funny that the rest of the presidency's in the ward choir. You are such an amazing president! Its because you had to teach so many of us- that the primary presidency keeps changing. Makes me laugh about wanting to sand your chipped tooth!