Friday, June 26, 2009

Watching the days go by

Each day keeps passing by and still no baby. We have decided that each day we need a plan of something to do, I keep hoping we will break our pans, but so far no such luck. Today we went to the park with our friends the Vaughns, and yesterday we went to the waterpark with them. We have also one and seen UP and taken the kids to the driving range. Tomorrow my mom and grandma are going to go to the Tuacahn Saturday Market, and I hope I am not coming up with things to do next week. Officially at 8:30 this morning I have been pregnant longer then any other time. Granted I still have 8 days until the original due date (July 4th), but the new due date has come and gone.

My midwife was thinking I may be overdosing on Iron and vitamin pills, so for the last few days I have only been on wheatgrass juice, and honestly I think I am feeling a lot better then I have in about two weeks. I wouln not have been surprised if I was overdosing, she had me on SO MANY different prenantals, floradix Iron, two other 'green' pills, digestive enzymes, 2 oz. wheat grass, fiber and a calcium magnesium citrate. I felt like a walking drug store, and yet my Iron was still always going down. So maybe my Iron may be plummeting once again, but at least I feel a little better.

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