Tuesday, June 23, 2009


A couple of days ago Joel went and bought the kids there own golf clubs. Joely has the most adorable golfing bag thats pink...SO CUTE. Se has a driver, a fairway driver, two irons and a putter, they are all pink and her bag is just like dads (the kind that stand up on their own) Taran has a little blue set, it has a driver, and iron and a putter and it's in a little blue bag that goes over his shoulders...they are so stinkin' cute. Joel also got a new set of Calloway clubs. He has been taking the kids to the driving range to practice, they have been loving it! Last night Kyler and I went with them to check out our two new golfers in the family! If I ever decide to learn how to golf, I hope I can find a set thats pink like Joelys!!

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Raychelle said...

Fun! So is Joel in town until after the baby is born?