Thursday, June 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Taran

Today Taran turned SIX! (pictures will post tomorrow)
Taran had a two day celebration, because Joel had to go to a scout camp last night to Lake Powell. We decided yesterday we would celebrate with the family. We didnt have much time, but we did decorate the house for him with streamers everywhere and went to pirate Island Pizza for a latte lunch and then we opened presents. Taran was excited about the Pirate Island Pizza, and all the tokens he won!

Today we went to the Washington Water Park with Amy and her kids, we also brought Tarans friend Brayden Cullen with us. We stayed for about five hours and had a blast! Later on we went to my grandmas where we had a larger family get together, and had icecream cake and played around. I think he had a great birthday, both days of it!

So heres the SIX things I love about Taran
1. He is very in tune with others emotions. He always knows when I am feeling down and tries to cheer me up!
2. We is so smart. I am amazed at what this little kids knows, I wasnt surprised at all when they wanted to put him in an accelarted learning program
3. He can entertain himself. I love that he can find tings to do on his own to make himself happy.
4.He laughs very easily, and when you tickle him he has the funniest laugh, it makes you want to tickle him some more.
5. He helps out around the house.
6. He's just so cute! I know I may be a little biased, but I just think he is such a cute little boy!

We love you Taran, have a wonderful year!

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