Saturday, May 9, 2009

The comings and goings of our house....

Well, my camera broke :( It's an aweful time to not have a camera, beacause of all the end of year activities....But here is what has been going on without the camera.

Joely was involved in the schools biography fair, she chose to do her report on AA Milne. We both learned a lot and I think she enjoyed the biography fair ( I had to ditch out early because I got sick)

Joely also had their spring choir concert, there were 10 different songs that the choir sang. I was glad they got to wear their fifties outfits again, at least I know that skirt got 2 chances to be worn! Kyler was a pill during the recitaal and even ran up on the stage to stand next to Joely...needless to say he spent the rest of the concert in the hall!

Taran completed his 'kindergarten crayons' and was able to go to the kindergarten water and ice cream party, they did the party on Saturday over at the new Ivins splash pads, so all the kids had a blast!

Joely and Taran had their piano recital. Joely played When the Saints go Marching In, and Taran played The Dragon. The both did very well. They are improving a lot Joely's song had a lot of chords in it, and Tarans had four sharps in it. So they are both getting better at the piano which makes me very happy!

I am proud of what Taran and Joely have accomplished this year, it amazes me that they have learned anything with me being so sick this year, but somehow they have! Way to go kids!

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Adam and Robyn said...

Isn't it crazy how May is just as busy as December. There's so many recitals, programs, and graduations going on, it's nuts...but I love every minute of it. Hope you get your camera fixed soon!