Tuesday, May 12, 2009

and now,

Well, another prenatal visit has come and gone, my next appointment is in two weeks, then I'm already down to weekly appointments! So here's the update...
1. The baby was measuring at 34 weeks, I am only 32 1/2 weeks. This is weird for me, because I ALWAYS measure small. In fact 34 weeks is as big as I have ever measured, which made this happen....
2. We bumped up the due date to only six more weeks, that's going to be here FAST!
3. Iron levels were up 2 points, but when the level was as crappy as mine, it doesn't mean too much because I am still way low, Maybe I should just go eat the chalk...Ok confession I actually licked a piece of chalk the other day and it was gross, I don't know why, even when I know that, it still looks SO yummy.
4.She said the baby's head is already low and sitting on my pubic bone, I was thinking I could have told you that, I cant hardly move and I waddle, No matter what waddling is NEVER attractive, but I waddle!
5. I bought myself some relaxing CD's for delivery!
6. I keep having dreams that this baby is going to come early and unexpectedly fast, I already gave two of my neighbors a heads up that I dreamed they were going to deliver my baby, sorry Robyn and Deborah!
7. I'm getting EXCITED! (though I hope the dreams don't come true)
8. Oh yeah, and the heart beat was significantly faster this time, who knows it could be a girl or a boy!

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Lori said...

Kristin I can't believe your due date got bumped up! That is always exciting! Super funny you licked chalk. We have lots of colors - maybe they are flavored different. If you ever want to try my chalk let me know :)