Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Are you serious???

hmmm, how to start this story......

Today I went to see my midwife. I have been having a lot of pain, due to the head being so low and sitting on my pubic bone. So the midwife told me next time I came and Joel was in town to have him come and she would show him a way to relieve the pain....Me, I was thinking great, I am all for anything that will take away this pain that I have never felt on any of my other pregnancies.

She warned us it was weird.

So, today we show up, I wore my jogging suit pants, like I was instructed, my midwife has me lay down on the bed, and shows Joel how he will sit below me (of course she is doing this) and use the arch of her foot to basically KICK my pubic bone up. She does it, and asks me to stand up, and asks if everything is all better. Me feeling like an idiot, and thinking I just got kicked in the crotch of course I dont feel better tell her "NO" So she has me lay down and showed Joel a basic resistance stretch...blah blah blah, and then Kicks me again! It hurt!

I swear I felt like I couldnt walk to the car, and my midwife is gleaming like she was an answer to my prayers. All day I've been telling Joel how bad I hurt, I keep saying "It's like I have been kicked in the crotch, Oh wait I WAS kicked in the crotch, TWICE"

Needless to say I told Joel I will deal with the old pain, I dont think the old pubic bone kick was very sucsessful. A part of me wonders if it has worked on anyone, or after the second kick if everyone is like, yeah sure it feels better, and thinking please dont kick me again!


Adam and Robyn said...

That is the most hilarious pregnancy story I have ever heard, I'm still wiping tears at the thought of your midwife kicking you in the crouch...oh, and thanks for the visual, that will be stuck in my head for while. You should seriously send this into some contest, it would totally win. Sorry you're in so much pain, I wish it would have worked out for you. Maybe you'll have better luck if Joel tries it and then you can blog about it again and give me another good laugh. I think I'm going to quit asking you if I can do anything to help now, in fear that you'll ask me to kick you in the crotch. HA Ha I'm still laughing. I'll be giggling to myself all day today. Again, sorry you're in so much pain, that part is not funny! But seriously thanks for the laugh!!!!

Kathy said...

I agree with the above comment. I was laughing so hard. I know it wasn't funny for you, but wow! Good luck with the pressure. I wouldn't be letting anyone kick me again that is for sure.

amber said...

I hate to laugh at another persons pregnancy pain, but I just can't stop giggling! Thanks for sharing such a funny story!