Monday, May 28, 2012

Dinosaur Dig

 Not sure how you celebrate your kindred dead on Memorial Day weekend....but in this family, we dig up the dead!
 Our family had a dinosaur dig, there were dinosaur bones and eggs buried in the dirt at my grandparents fields. Everyone was equipped with a bucket, shovel and of course a paint brush to carefully remove any dirt from the delicate fossil remains.
 It was so fun to watch everyone collect their loot!
 Of course we did more then just dig, we had a BBQ, we rode 4 wheelers, rhinos and of course the famous training wheel mini dirt bike, is this the funniest thing ever! Here's my grandpa taking the dirt bike for a cruise :-)

And Keegan having fun with the bucket. More good times!


Anonymous said...

Cute pictures!! Do we know how to have a good time or what? Love you all, Aunt Dianne

Anonymous said...

Where did my digging partner go?? I thought I was digging with Parlee. Oops digging up bones by myself.

Anonymous said...

Yes Kris, that last comment was me. Mom.