Monday, May 28, 2012

The art of frying

I kind of find the saying "I fried my computer" rather ironic....How many people bake their computers? if you set in on your porch in the middle of a St. George summer, can you cook your computer just like you could cook an egg? Has that ever happened?

I have heard of people doing some serious damage to their computers by ....ehem, water damage.

But, I've never heard anyone say that their computer just drowned, have you?

Now, you can say you have.

A few days ago, I was working on something on the MacBook, I sat it down on the lower counter, then I sadly knocked down a glass of water on the upper computer where it perfectly spilled into the back airvents of the computer....After a very dis-heartening sizzle sound, and a look of pure shock from me, where  quickly thought "seriously their are 5 kids in this house and I am the one to ruin the computer"...I snapped out of it, quickly loaded the kids up and ran into the Mac store to see if, their was like some sort of emergency room care that could be done to remedy the situation.

Well, there's no emergency room care available for a freshly drowned computer. They reported the time of death, but said that the hard drive had not 'fried'  (see there's that icky word again)yet. So, if we bought a new computer we should be able to do a data transfer.

So, I am currently typing on my new iMac. We decided to get a desktop instead of a MacBook this time, she's really a pretty little computer, and I hope that I can keep her safe from harm.....hopefully!

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