Friday, September 30, 2011


I want to try and write a few things about each of my kids more often, just so that they are written down....So heres to our little spitfire Parlee.

I used to think that Kyler was quite possibly our hardest child....what was I thinking? Its 100% Parlee! However I will say that Kyler and Parlee were surely cut from the same cloth, there is never a dull moment with either of them around.

Parlee just gets into everything, and I mean EVERYTHING! The other day Joel said "maybe we need to buy her a new toy or something and then she will be entertained for at least a few days"....Funny thing is I HAD bought her something just that morning, and by the time Joel was home from work, she was already back to her same old routine!

Parlee draws on more things then ALL of my kids combined. I have bought so many magic erasers, Im actually surprised that we havent sanded our way through a wall yet with all the scrubbing we do removing her artwork!

Parlee LOVES to sing and anything musical, and she especially loves performing such songs in front of a captivated home audience. SO far she shows the most promise of inheriting some of Joels talent (however I think my non-msical genes are far more dominate in most of the kids) Parlee seems to really catch onto the keys that somegs are song in, and even though she doesnt say the words I have identified several songs just from how she sings them. Her favorites are "Do as Im doing, Follow Follow Me", "Popcorn Popping", "Elmo's World", and "Clean-Up".

Parlee seems to have a love/hate relationship with Keegan. She really does love him, and if he makes the tiniest peep, she is always the first to go running saying "Im coming Keegan". She obsessively holds his hands, even when she is taking a nap by him, she will sleep holding his hands, and she love to give (rather force) his pacifier into his mouth....On the flip side, those same hands that are being lovingly held, have also been bit many times. She also cant adjust to me holding him, and has the worlds loudest scream or more accurately a Pteradactyl squeal that pierces the eardrums. She screams sometimes when I hold or nurse him because she wants to be held instead and screams "No, hold me mom". Its both sad and quite frankly rather annoying too. I try to spend time during naps just holding and comforting her, if only us moms had multiple arms and laps!

We love Parlee and all the excitement she brings into our home!

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