Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Amy and I took the kids for a full day of playing and hiking in Zions....

Im sure we got some funny looks, 2 pregnant women and 6 kids!

I was overjoyed that the only pregnant lady throwing up was not me!!! Sorry Amy!

We only did a short hike and let the kids go at their own pace, which was very SLOW, because we had to pick up every rock to look at, switch hiking sticks (with the exception of Kyler who lugged around this metal pole as a hiking stick the whole time!!)

We saw some people who were paddling down the river, so we waved at them. We also threw dirt into the river (why not), drove through the tunnel with the windows down, honking and yelling out the know all the important stuff :-)

Later we went to the Springdale park and let the kids play. We stayed their for a few hours. Someone had left a bunch of sand toys in the volleyball court, so the kids spent hours building sand castles and having fun. Amy I spent those same hours lounging out in the nice comfy chairs that were also left behind!

On our way home we stopped in Hurricane and ate at Durangos, we were a sight for sore eyes. I must say its a little funny walking into a restraunt when everyone is so filthy dirty.

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