Thursday, March 31, 2011

Funny things

Kyler is the kind of kid that says things that just throw you off. He always keeps me on my toes for sure! The other day out of the blue this conversation happened

Kyler: Mom, did you know crackers are good for you?

Me: Are they?

Kyler: Yeah, do you remember when you were in Heaven and Jesus said "Hey, crackers are good for you"

Me: laughing too hard to respond.

Seriously I never know what is going to come out of that kids mouth.

Lately the word he has been mis-using is BUSY. I wonder exactly how many definintions he has for this word! He says things like this

me: Kyler did you have an accident in your pull-up last night?

Kyler: Yeah, Im just so busy at night it makes me have accidents

me: totally confused!

Usually busy is just a way of saying who cares, or I dont want to, or why should I. I it never seems to make sense or fit in the sentence. it's pretty funny though.

Other things Kyler says ALL THE TIME is

"Oh my gosh" but he says gosh with his funny little way, the other day I heard Parlee running around saying "gosh, gosh, gosh"

Kyler also says "what the heck" for everything....if he is eating cereal he will say "what the heck, I love this cereal"

This made me think of a couple cute things Taran used to say that still live on in our house....When he was younger he used to say "what the Lamanite" it used to make us laugh so hard that we all say "what the Lamanite" all the time.

Another time when Taran was really young, we were driving and he had a little fart, he quickly exclaimed that he had "A poopy burp" Ok that one still makes me laugh even as Im typing it. I love that a 'poopy burp"


Jenny B said...

HAHAHA So funny!This post made me laugh so hard. Kash has a favorite lately..."Oh my freakin gosh". Kills me that my 2 year old says freakin, but i guess thats what happens when they have older siblings.

Raychelle said...

Ha ha, your kids are so funny sometimes! I hope you have all these hilarious things written down so we can remind them of what they used to say when they get older!