Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Excursion adventures

Is it just me?
Sometimes I swear I feel like i have the best luck....HA!

It started innocently enough with me getting a new car battery for my excursion less then a week ago, because my car was having a hard time starting up.

Then Monday I went back to have both my batteries tested again, because the problem was still there, I found out I needed a new starter.

Okay so Tuesday I went into get my new starter for my car. That problem was solved. All is well in the car world again.

Enter Wednesday:

I picked the kids up from school and decided to quickly run into town before i had SEP's at the school. Joely and I noticed a random funny sound in my car, but it only happened sporatically. Then when we hit about the baseball fields, there was the loudest cracking popping sound.

You know the kind of sound where you know that it cant be anything good happening. So I pulled into the baseball fields. I checked under the car, and saw a lot of antifreeze and smoke....POOPY!

So I called Joels dad to come out and save me.

Needless to say the verdict was far worse then either Reynold or I imagined. I blew the water pump, but when it blew it completely dislodged, shooting into the fan. The fan broke, and one of the blades went flying into the radiator! So, the damage looks like a new water pump, new fan and a whole new radiator....of course once we get further into the car we may find that other blades from the fan did further damage (seriously hoping not).

What a crazy day in excursion land!


Emily said...

That sucks, at this point all you can say is "at least you don't have a car payment". Good luck.

Amber said...

That really does stink! I hate car problems!

Just Rhonda said...

Hey how come I don't read this blog??!!! I just have your other one book marked!!!

And i HATE vehicles! Our's needs some real help right now... but it's gotta wait for more moola!