Saturday, January 8, 2011

New school

The kids have now started Red Mountain Elementary.

On the first day of school, I decided to walk them to class, when we parked our car, some of Tarans old friends recognized our vehicle and came running up to great him (yeah!) So Taran quickly went off with them and started playing football. I then walked Joely to class, who was feeling a little bit more timid.

After school, the reports were great, they both had tons of old friends in their classes and were taken right in! Taran reported to me :Mom, this is such a fun school"

By the end of day 2 (Friday) I somehow was lured into being a co-chair of the "Evening of the Arts" night....I guess it's like we (me included) never left! Ha!

Both kids are super happy to be back at the old school, Joely adjusted mush faster then I thought she would, and I think that all is well!

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Emily said...

That didn't take long for you get to sign up to do stuff that will ultimately overwhelm you. Glad they are somewhere that they like. And yeah, no more uniforms.