Monday, April 19, 2010


I DO NOT want to write this post!

Writing it is just one more thing to prove that its really here.

...and I'm still not ready for it!!!!

Yesterday I was released as Primary president.
Yes, I have had one month to prepare for my release. I am gratful the Bishop let me know about the release and have time to prepare for it. I cant imagine if I had found out during the week and then the following Sunday being released...because with all the time I had to prepare, well I just simply still WASNT prepared.

I can believe how hard it has been for me. I would never have guessed that leaving this calling would be SO HARD! I feel like a part of me has been ripped out, I cry about it a lot....a lot more then I ever thought I would have.....I know it's just a calling right? I disagree! It was who I was, it was what I thought about all the time, it was how I spent my time. I was who I was, and now I am not, and I am very sad about it.

I LOVE primary! I love sharing time, singing time, scouts , activity days, primary quarterly activities. I love baptisms, teachers, children, nursery, bulletin boards EVERYTHING! I love my many councilors and secretaries that served with me....Jennifer Anderson, Robyn Peterson, Andrea Bang, Lori Borrowman, Virginia Covington, Deborah Decker, and Bethany Scott (yeah I know i went through a lot of people in my presidency).


Here are some things I was happy we accomplished while I was in.....Reading the Book of Mormon last year. I cant believe how many kids (most of the primary) finished the Book of Mormon last year!

Articles of Faith: we put of huge emphasis on Article of Faith, and as a result many of our kids know all of them! As a result almost all kids when they turned 12 also had their Faith in God award.

I was so glad to be a part of Sarah Speks baptism, what a special day that was!

I loved the Articles of Faith carnival we had as a primary quarterly activity and the Pirate party for reading the Book of Mormon!

I loved so many things about primary. I loved the blessings my family received from me serving. I am also glad that my kids were able to see the importance of serving in the church. I know my testimony was strengthened. Maybe one day I will be fortunate enough to serve in primary again, but even if that doesnt happen I am so glad I got to be in the primary for the last 3 years!

It was wonderful!!!


Adam and Robyn said...

Let me be the first to say, "Primary will miss you too" I hope you can leave your calling with your head held high with no regrets knowing that you did an amaaaaazing job! You definantly left some HUGE shoes to feel. Thank you for your service, my kids will miss you, but will always love you!

Kristin said...

Thanks Robyn!

Lori said...

Primary was such a wonderful experience for me too, and it was from your leadership skills, and you being so close to the spirit. You are such an awesome person. I agree with Robyn primary will miss you and those are some Huge shoes to fill! You gave the primary children so many amazing opportunities to grow. I too want to say Thanks and love ya! And its still ok to cry!

Farah said...

It's so hard to leave a calling you love! I'm sure you had a very big impact on all your primary kids! Just think about how much time you'll have for all those awesome projects you create! :)

amber said...

You did do an amazing job! Primary is truly the best place to serve.