Friday, April 16, 2010

Book Report

Taran had his first book report. The class had to pick a 'Magic Tree House' book, read it TWICE! Then research something from the book and make a poster for the book fair.
I chose Dolphins at Daybreak because it was the shortest Magic tree house book we owned and he had to read it twice. Taran wanted another one that had 150 pages. I quickly vetoed that book.

He chose to learn about the Coral Reef.

I love how his poster turned out. Though I have to say I am not a fan of big projects for kids, because what 1st grader can put together there own poster? So really it becomes my homework, and I have to work extra hard because I have to make him think he did it all. But in the end his (our) poster turned out great!

I love his art work. Taran is quite the little artist!

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Jenny B said...

I was thinking the same thing a few weks ago while"helping" Austin with his Spanish report and poster. Lots of work for the mommies :)