Monday, August 31, 2009


Kyler has done some pretty funny things this week. Okay so most should make me a little upset,but I cant help it I find some of his 'capers' down right funny!

The other day I found a towel in the toilet, I thought it was odd but I just washed it without giving it too much thought, well this morning Kyler was in going to the bathroom and I find out that he had used a towel instead of toilet paper...I guess from now on if there is a towel on the ground in the bathroom I may need to assume that it's been used as a premium toilet paper :)

A few days ago Kyler was taking a bath, I hadn't put his bubbles in yet...I walked out of the bathroom for a few minutes, and I see Kyler naked running from the fridge to the bathroom. I go in and he is adding Hershey's syrup to the tub, I guess he figured it was a good substitute for bubbles :)


Adam and Robyn said...

That's awesome, I knew I liked that kid:)

jenny said...

That is FREAKIN HILARIOUS!!!!! Will make for some GREAT stories in 10 years.... :)

carrie said...

I love the Hershey's syrup thing! That is hilarious!!