Thursday, February 26, 2009

Valentines Parties

Somehow, I have ended up as the room mother for both Joely and Taran. For Joely the Halloween party turned out my favorite so far and for Taran it was definatly the Valentines party.

For Tarans class we divided the class into two teams, purple and red. They each had a wrist band that matched there teams color (at the end of each relay they got a sticker to put on there wristband, regardless of winning or loosing)
The first game we played was having two big cutout hearts per place a heart on the ground, step on it and move your other heart in front of you to step on, trying to make it to the other side of the rug. For kindergartners, this took much more coordination then I thought, but they LOVED it.
Next we did my favorite (most of the pictures are of this relay). The night before the party the kids and I cut out millions of little tissue paper hearts. Seriously we spent a couple of hours doing this! For the relay I scattered tissue hearts everywhere in the classroom. Then each kids got a balloon. they had to rub the balloon on there hair to create static electricity, then use their 'charged' up balloons to pick up the hearts. They then brought the hearts over and stacked them in a pile with there teams hearts. This game was SUCH a BLAST! Sure it was totally messy, but man was it fun the kids couldn't contain there excitement! I will remember to do his one again!
We did a couple other relays and made a craft and had a snack, as usual I planned to do too much and we didn't have time to complete everything I wanted too (darn those short days!)
Next I went to Joelys class where we played Bingo, made a magnet out of fun foam, glitter, buttons and other stuff. We played another fast game and had treats....once again not enough time.
The day went great, but I must say I'll never be a room mom for two classes at once's SO much prep work!

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Adam and Robyn said...

I love that idea. I'm totally going to use that idea for whenever I get my prechool going. I'm hoping Gentry gets Cornwall next year and I just reliezed there's no way I can keep up with your cute ideas, she's gonna have such a loser year with me instead of you.