Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Feeling blessed....

Needless to say, if you read this you'll see why I decided not to post this when it happened. But, as it turned out Joel called me and left me crying thinking about what happened in our family a couple of weeks ago...

A couple weeks ago Joel and I were in SLC with our family to check out the Draper temple open house. On Sunday we went to church with Joels sister, after we came back to her apartment to visit her and later have dinner. As we were getting ready to leave the kids were acting up, begging to stay and play longer. (Lets face it, we were staying in a motel and it was a Sunday, of course they wanted to stay) I on the other hand was ready to get out of my church clothes, we had been there for hours! Well, Cheri starts telling us we should just go to a movie and let the kids play. We said no, but now the kids were all agreeing and Cheri wanted them to stay...so needless to say, we agreed.

Cheri told us she would be gone for a half hour while she went to a baptism fireside, but she has teenage daughters, so it would be no big deal.

We left, drove up to our motel to change (on the other side of the valley) and decided on a movie. We drove to the theater (Yes, I already know it was a Sunday...and I have enough guilt about that) and went in. Joel decided to call and check on the kids while the previews were playing...but no one answered. He continued to call, same thing. Finally Austin (9yr old nephew) calls us back.

Joel asked why they never picked up the phone. Austin casually answers "Because we were looking for Kyler" Joel asked to talk to Kelsy and find out what the heck Austin was talking about. Kelsy gets on the phone and also rather casually mentions that they are looking for Kyler, and the neighbors are helping.

At this point Joel jumps out of his seat, and starts yelling "What the heck is going on" he is also running out of the theater, and I am following him. He starts shouting questions like 'Are you serious, you cant find Kyler' Now we are both running at adrenline pumped speed to our car, which is parked SOOO far away. We get in, and start speeding towards Bangitor highway, running stop lights and anything in our way. At this point I am hysterical.

Joel is on the phone still with Kelsi, and ask's if they have called 911 yet, they say no. I yell at Joel to get there address and phone number so I can call.

As a side note, my car says it is 21 degrees outside, there is snow everywhere, and it's compeletly dark out. Cheri lives way down by the point of the mountain, and we are at least 20 minutes away.

I call 911, and give them the information I have, they ask some questions about the apartment, of course I cant answer anything because I have only been there once. Franticly I just start saying just send police there, we are from out of town, just send the police there now! ( I hope to never hear what I must have sounded like on that call, I know it must have been pretty bad because, they put some councilor on a second line just to try and calm me...fat chance of that happening)

Somehow, and I'm fuzzy on this, I must have been done talking to 911 and had to call them back again, because about 10 minutes later I was back on the phone with them. We were still driving. The police told us they had a little boy in custody, and would stay at the apartments with him. I was realived they got there so fast, but we were still a wreck.

We continue to drive to Cheri's, knowing that the kids must be relived being there with Kyler and the police.

We get to Cheri's and we see people outside walking around and NO POLICE! Instantly I become hysterical again, wondering how there could have been such a huge misunderstanding. Joel runs into Cheri's to ask if they have Kyler yet, and I get on the phone with 911 again. I must have sounded so crazy as I start yelling, 'you said you ahd our boy, you said you would be here, but no body is here. Where is the poilce, why isn't anybody here.' I was completely freaking out!

They told us we needed to go to a certain apartment building and knock on door G101. That's all we know, so we go looking for G101, it's about a 1/2 block to a block away.
We knock on the door and a young family with 3 young boys answer, and there is Kyler. I start crying the mom starts crying, Joel and the other dad start crying. It was so emotional. I was so greatful that he was alive, wondering how long he had been outside..assuming he had been missing for 20-30 minutes.

I ask them what happened, so that we could hear her story, and she starts out with "Well we found him about an hour and a half ago" I didn't think we could break down any more, but we did! I swear my world just came unglued...and hour and a half thats about how long we had been gone! Nobody noticed he was gone until about 5 minutes before we started calling!

They continued with there story, saying how they were all supposed to go somewhere, but the husband decided to go by himself so the rest of the family could stay and watch a movie, however there 3 year old wanted to play in his room (which had the only window in the apartment building that faced where Kyler was found)

The dad left, and a little later, the little boy came out and told his mom that there was a little boy outside crying. The mom goes out and Kyler was at the edge of a parking lot by a little fence (the snow was to the top of it) trying to get over (there is nothing but a straight drop off and snow for along time on the other side, these apartments are in a very rural part of Bluffdale) Kyler was crying and pointing over the little fence yelling for daddy.

The mom picked up Kyler and started walking aroung the apartments, expecting a mom or dad to come running down the road looking for him any moment....but no one comes. So she took Kyler in her house and calls the police department, they come over. Of course someone will call the police station soon, with a report of a lost child...but it never happens. Kyler was still dressed in his church clothes, so they decide to take a chance and call the Bishop to see if he recognizes Kyler, he doesn't. But he then calls the Primary president to come over, who then calls the Nursery leaders to come over. Desperately, they were hopping someone may just recognize him, someone remembers seeing him in church, but doesn't know who he belonged too. (Remember, we went to Cheri's ward that day)

Finally over an hour later 911 gets a fanatic call from me about a lost boy. We arrive an hour and a half after the fact...I don't think I will ever be able to wrap my head around that one.

We figure if Kyler was walking straight to that point, it would have taken him about 15 minutes...in the freezing cold. That's assuming he made a straight walk there, and the little boy instantly saw him outside.

The sickening feeling Joel and I had was unexplainable. As we drove to the motel Joel said I think we need to say a long prayer, because we have surely been blessed tonight! No one can ever say that blessing and miracles don't happen, because we have been at the receiving end! (Hard to type when I'm crying)

Joel and I couldn't sleep that night, one of us would randomly say things like "You know we should be out looking for him right now" or "I can't believe we have our whole family with us!" Joel later told me how all he could think of was the dad who left his 2 year old asleep in the truck while he went hunting and they found him a half a mile away in the snow dead...and that all happened in shorter time then our 1 1/2 hour time. We truly were blessed.

I don't think I can talk much more about our feelings that night. Some of those feelings however were resurfaced tonight as Cheri called Joel to come and fix her car at her apartment. He told her "I just don't think I can go back down there again" But he did, and after he left he told me how he drove to were they found Kyler and just cried because of how lucky we were and what could have been. He told me that he doesn't want to go to Cheri's apartments building again, it was just to hard...I don't think I could go there.

In case I don't say it enough, I love my family. I am grateful for my husband and each one of my children!


KaufusiFamily said...

Wow! I had to wipe away the tears as the end so I could actually finish reading it. What a true blessing! That little boy that looked out his window must have been truly inspired. I would have been just as histerical on the phone as you. Then again... every mom would have. You are smart though... i don't think I would have even thought to call 911 while driving there.

We love you guys!

Lori said...

Kristin I kept getting the chills while I was reading! Thats like living a nightmare! I am always so thankful for those around me who listen to the spirit, and look out for my family as well. I have also been in one of those situations, and it is a sickening feeling. Thank you for sharing your tender moment with us! I am so glad everything turned out well!

H and K Enloe said...

Wow Kris, you really are lucky! The lord was definitly watching out for Kyler. How lucky to have a nice family find him and make sure that he was safe.
It makes you realize how precious every moment is.
Love you guys!

Adam and Robyn said...

So I read this a couple days ago but I couldn't even leave a comment. All that night I had nightmares. I can't even imagine your fear. I've lost my kids in stores before but never in that kind of situation. That is the worst feeling a parent can experience. I am so glad that the Lord kept watch over little Kyler and your family and that it ended with a happy ending!