Monday, October 15, 2012

first day of school pictures 2012

 Kyler: age 5: AM Kindergarten with Mrs. Cowley
 Joely: age 12: 7th grade
Taran: age 9: 4th grade with Mr. Campbell

So we may have started school awhile ago, but I am finally posting the first day of school pictures. Wow, 3 kids in school, all of them getting out of school at different times. Joely leaves for school at 7:10 and gets home a little after 2. Taran and Kyler both get picked up for school at about 8:20 (they want to eat breakfast at school this year) Kyler gets out at 11:45 and Taran at 3:30. All the crazy school schedules make it hard to ever leave the house!

So far they have all been doing well in school and liking their teachers!

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