Sunday, August 7, 2011


We are loving our time with the newest member of our family! How lucky are we to be blessed with another sweet baby in our family, nothing is better then a new baby!

He is loved (WAY TOO MUCH), I feel like he is constantly being mauled. I have to ask the kids to leave him alone sometimes. He is always being kissed. He has even been dropped (by Parlee who picked him up and dropped him on the floor before we even noticed...and he never even cried, that's a fifth baby for you!)


Farah said...

Such a cute picture!! Ashlyn is dying to see him! She is still in Enterprise with her grandma tho, but as soon as she gets back I'll call you so we can come over :)

Emily said...

What a cutie, he doesn't look like he came from the same 'Stout baby mold'. Adorable.