Sunday, December 19, 2010


I think its safe to say that I am not always in the know! For example about a week ago I saw this commercial (shown above)....As I watched it, I seriously started laughing because Joel has two sisters Tawni and Lori who both sleep with blow dryers. I laughed that this show was going to show someone with the same strange addiction. I also thought it was funny that the person looked so much like Lori. I actualy was going to call Joel and tell him about it, but didnt.

Then a few days ago, Joel was on the phone with his dad. When he got off the phone I asked what they were talking about, he said that Lori was getting flown out to New York on Wednesday to be on the Today show....What? Why was she going to New York? Joel told me it was because of the show she did for still clueless. Joel thought for sure I knew that Lori had done a show called "My Strange Addiction". I had no clue, but started laughing as I told him I had already seen the commercial and Lori!

So, this Wednesday, Lori will be on the Today show, and taping several other shows (that I dont know about right now)

And Next Wednesday she can be seen on the debut episode of "My Strange Addiction" PS. if you click the link it will bring you directly to a short spot on Lori.


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