Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pine nut hunting minus the pine nuts

A huge pine nut hunt was planned....we visualized bags of pine nuts (like previous years)....we got 6 pine nuts. Thats after two days of driving, a tank of gas in my huge bus, and so many miles of dirt roads its crazy to think about.

BUT, we did have fun.

We drove out past Hamblin Valley (north of Modena) looking for the old family gold mine, and of course pine nuts, which are usually everywhere! We did find this plane parked on the side of a dirt road (odd). We also had fun being together, and laughing that Joel couldn't find the mine that his family owns.

Then on our way towards Panacha while driving on the highway, Joel quickly exclaims "Did you guys see that?" and starts slowing down. None of us saw anything, but we flipped the car around and headed back to check out a huge triantula cruising across the street. Joel tried to get the kids to want to keep it as a pet....ummm NO!

Here's the icky spider

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