Friday, September 24, 2010

Just a random summer picture

Since I was on a summer blog vacation, I have been recently looking through summer pictures. Here is a random picture I found. After Joel took the trek with the youth, we (meaning me) were curious what the trek trail looked like.

So one weekend we jumped in the excursion and headed up towards New Harmony to drive the trail. This was the first stop we made, it was where the Mormon battalion came and met up with the trekkers and took the men with them leaving the women to pull the next hill (a mile long) by themselves. I must say the womens pull was the steepest hardest hill of the whole trek (way to go girls).

Anyhow we stopped here so Joel could tell us stories, I was excited about this awesome old looking house that I could take pictures of the kids by, so I quickly assembled them for the first picture....and after I took it, my battery died! So this was the ONLY picture we took!

Anyhow it was neat to see where they stopped and ate meals, where they camped, and here stories that come back easier when you drive along the trail. It made for a great day!

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