Sunday, December 13, 2009


What a blast we had coming home from Cannonville. Secretly..okay so maybe not so secretly I was hoping we would get snowed in on Sunday. I hate leaving that small town. I was almost granted that wish...we woke up to LOTS of snow...we quickly got dressed to head to Cannonville for church, only to find out that it was cancelled due to blizzard like conditions. We hung around for the morning...(playing in the snow, Kyler even got to clear some snow with uncle George in his tractor)

but the weather seemed to clear up, so we headed out.

We decided to head over Cedar Mountain so that the kids could enjoy the winter snow storm..we figured it would be a little harry at times, and it was ;-)

Once on Cedar Mountain we detoured and headed to Mammoth Creek (the cutest little village known to man), then decided to just head over to Cedar Breaks, the roads had all been plowed (though you couldnt actually see the blacktop anywhere on Cedar Mountain)...we followed the highway, and then...

....the stop sign. Can you believe it. The road was actually closed off. So we got out and played around in the deep snow.

i just love the snowy mountains. We had so much fun, running, jumping, swan diving (Joel) and even making yellow snow (Kyler)....what more could we want.

Of course then we had to turn around and head back towards Duck Creek and make our way down the rest of the mountain.


Lori said...

You guys are so daring! Driving in the snow stresses me out! Wow that snow is crazy deep. I love the sledding pictures, and the huge stop sign in the middle of your adventure is a bummer.

amber said...

Oh my kids would love playing in that much snow! Samuel has decided he wants to live where it snows. Not going to happen while he's living with us because I really hate the cold stuff.

Adam and Robyn said...

HaHa I love the swan dive and the yellow snow part. That was awesome! I agree with Lori though, you guiys are daring, maybe even a little nuts. There is no way I would have ever done that I'm the biggest chicken when it comes to drving in the snow. Looks fun though!!

carrie said...

That totally happened to us once too - trying to drive over Cedar Breaks and it was closed! The snow is beautiful though... I hope we get a little bit more here this year. :)