Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Birthday Boy!

Kyler turned 3 on November 6th! He was SO excited for his birthday...I am thinking that may just be an understatement! On his actual birthday, well, we didnt do much. Because that night we were celebrating Grandpa Stouts birthday. Of course as we lite grandpas cake candles, and I could see the excitement in Kylers eyes, I thought we may have a problem on our hands....Kyler of course figured we were singing for him (as he should have thought) So when we were done singing, he went to blow out the candles, and Joels family who forgot it was Kylers actual birthday started yelling "STOP" Naturally Kyler burst into tears, he didnt know why he was getting in trouble for blowing out candles on hos birthday....(of course I have a hard time undertanding why you get mad at ANY kids blowing out candles, who cares who's birthday it is) I quickly explained that it was his birthday today and we re-lit the candles and sang to Kyler.

On Saturday we celebrated his birthday, he woke up to his bedroom doorway all decorated up (He loved that) Then we had waffles, his favorite. Later we went and fed the ducks at the Bloomington golf course and the had a party at grandma and grandpa Foremasters house for him. He was beaming! We finished the day by eating at Pasta Factory and then going home and having a movie night where we watched Willow (remember that old one?)

Happy Birthday Sweetie!

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