Sunday, September 20, 2009


It's rodeo time! I love this time of year, filled with reunions, hot dogs, parades (oh yeah I can't claim that one this year, it's the first year i slacked and didnt put my kids in the children's parade), family, cowboys, and everything else. I just love the rodeo. This year we had a family game night at my house, the best part was the MY TEAM WON!!! We had the Foremaster family reunion on Saturday, they had this geneology poster....or I guess you would say wall hanging, (it was huge) that traced the Foremaster family back to the early 1500's. Grandpa (and Uncle LaVar) rode in with the past Lions presidents on a carriage pulled by huge Priefert horses (bottom picture, grandpa is 2nd to the left and LaVAr is on the right). The rodeo was windy and rainy, I think the worst weather we have ever had at the rodeo. we were all so windblown, the picture of Parlee...or the teeny bit you can see of her is how she spent the entire rodeo. Even though the weather was frightful we still all had fun!

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Adam and Robyn said...

I was wondering where they were. me and the girls kept looking for them during the parade and didn't see them we just figured we must have just missed them. Glad you had a fun game night, we missed you at Cain's the other night!