Monday, July 13, 2009

Dads wedding

Saturday my dad got remarried. We traveled out to the middle of nowhere for the wedding, it was in water canyon out in Colorado City. Of course when we drove through Colorado City, we played a game with the kids, who ever found someone in shorts or a short sleeved shirt wins. Crazy enough we did find of home where kids where jumping on the trampoline and they were all dressed normal, we thought for sure no one would win our game :) Water canyon was beautiful, I haven't been up there since I was a teenager. My dad and Brenda had a simple ceremony, and I don't know what was up with may dads shirt. Apparently there was a story behind it, I just know if I was Brenda I would have slugged him for wearing it! Parlee did well and slept the whole time so we were pleased. I would have never guessed our daughters first real outing would be to Colorado City, and going on some major dirt roads!


Raychelle said...

I had no idea he had gotten remarried already. I hope things go well for him! Did Marg or Jess come down for the wedding?? Did he really live through the day in that t-shirt??

Kristin said...

Jess came down, mar had to work. And I think Brenda should have NOT let my dad live through the day with that awful t-shirt. I wanted to shoot him :)